Thursday, April 28, 2005

logging off...

Things are somewhat crazy these days so i never really had the time to post anything new.

Friends are leaving, people have gone, and yes, everything else is moving on. With all the physical, emotional and financial issues, my mind draws a blank to what i am supposed to do next. My roomies are all leaving by tomorrow :-( Erin got married last Sat (yay! congrats gurl!), Yuma is off to another phase in her life and moved out (salutations!) and Lucee, since recently a graduate, decided it's high time to move back to the US of A (you go, girl!) Hence, my living room looks like a bodega with all the stuff that's all packed up in boxes. Little by little the other room is cleaned up, and from the looks of it, by tomorrow, the place will be as clean as a whistle.

Oh, i forgot to mention, my sweetie also left yesterday for the US of A, hence a double pile of stuff i have to go thru has landed smack amongst the boxes. He was so sweet to give me his stuff to sell for the garage sale (selected items) -- so this weekend is pretty much all about cleaning the apartment again. *sigh*

Inspite of all these distractions, i cannot seem to concentrate on anything...

I miss Jason.

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